Positioning BuoUKFuels as a National Industry Leader

About the Campaign

BioUKFuels joined Wildcat in 2022 with the aim of increasing its brand awareness. In order to be successful, they needed restaurants and other catering services to know about and use their service. 

Over the course of almost two years, Wildcat created a range of detailed service pages that target keywords in their niche, as well as pages that target specific locations. This allowed BioUKFuels to turn a profit from a free service and compete with the big players in their industry.

What we did

- Created optimised service pages and blogs
- Created optimised location pages


February 2023

What We Did

Optimised Pages and Blogs

In order to increase BioUKFuels’ visibility, we created a number of detailed pages that targeted relevant keywords in their niche, as well as blogs. In just under two years, this resulted in an increase in keywords of 344% and an increase in organic traffic (per month) of 820%.

Location Targeting

We also created a number of location pages across the country to widen BioUKFuels’ net. They wanted to expand beyond being a “local business” and target appropriate catering services across the country. Over the first quarter of 2024, this strategy gained BioUKFuels 692 organic views and 37 organic conversions.


  • Increased keywords from 187 to 831 (344%) in just under two years, including 31 top 3 keywords
  • Increased average organic traffic from 363 to 3343 (820%) users per month in just under two years
  • Positioned BioUKFuels as an eco-friendly waste oil collection service provider, which now competes with Olleco and other nationally recognised brands.

Working with Wildcat Digital has been a game-changer for us at Bio UK Fuels. They’ve been running our SEO for a few years now, and the numbers really do the talking. Back in November 2022, we were looking at around 200 clicks, but by January 2024, those clicks skyrocketed to 1,200. That has been great for new business leads and we have seen a great ROI as the months went by.

Wildcat Digital stands out because of how they handle everything. The detailed reports, the one-on-one chats to go over the campaign, it’s all been top-notch. It’s clear they’re good at what they do, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve seen a solid return on investment, which at the end of the day, is what it’s all about.

I would highly recommend Wildcat. They’ve not only improved our online visibility significantly but working with them has been a breeze. They’re on it, from the strategy right down to the execution. If you’re looking to boost your SEO, Wildcat Digital is the way to go.

– BioUKFuels


For over 13 years, BioUKFuels has provided a free, responsible oil collection service for a range of businesses. This oil is then recycled into renewable fuel, considerably reducing carbon emissions and particulates and saving tons of waste oil from our landfills and sewage systems.