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PPC and Google Ads is the quickest way to generate traffic for your website. At Wildcat Digital, we offer affordable PPC services, building campaigns in a smart and sustainable way that drives the right traffic to your website.

Why Do You Need PPC Services?

Paid advertising, or PPC (pay per click) services are a great way to drive both brand awareness and traffic to your website overnight. If you’ve got a great website and great products, then just reaching the right people will result in an upturn of sales. 

What’s even better, is that you only pay when someone clicks on your adverts. This enables you to build campaigns in a smart and sustainable way, measuring success at every turn and optimising on a constant basis. 

There are a great many different types of paid media services available, and some will be more useful to your business than others. Learn more about the PPC services we offer at Wildcat Digital below.

Paid Search

Paid Search campaigns enable you to target customers using Google’s search engine results. It enables you piggyback on the exact queries that people are organically searching for relevant to your campaign, and bumping up your website to the top of search results pages. Paid Search can be an excellent source of leads and revenue for both service and product led businesses.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping campaigns are those products that show in a horizontal bar at the top of search results pages, and are proven to convert better than any other form of search marketing. Google pitches your products to suitable customers, enabling you to punch above your weight against the big guys from day one.

Google Display & Retargeting

Google Display campaigns help you to retarget users who have visited your website as they browse the internet, using cookies and other collected data. This powerful marketing tool also enables you to raise awareness across the internet, using websites and brands that resonate with your audience.

Paid Social

Paid social refers to any kind of advertising or sponsored posts via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, and usually works on a cost-per-click basis. This form of PPC is great for boosting your brand’s visibility online and reaching a wider audience.



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What to Expect

At Wildcat Digital, we have a varied client base of all shapes and sizes, and can tailor our PPC services to suit both the goals and budget of your business, all whilst adhering to our core values that you can expect throughout our campaign with you.


We believe it’s vital to work in an organised manner, utilising any and all available tools, resources, and processes to ensure that work is delivered on time and to the highest standard.


Working hand-in-hand with strong organisation, we take a methodical approach to ensure that all clients receive the same standard of high quality work and dedication to their account, regardless of budget.


Transparency is key to a successful agency-client relationship. That’s why you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be in regular communication with you throughout the campaign.


We’re always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to help you punch above your weight online. Just when you think you’ve reached the peak, there’s always a way to find that little bit extra.

Commercially Focussed

Whilst Ads metrics are important to understand where we are in the process, we know that your priorities are leads, sales and return on investment.


There are a lot of tricks that can help clients get ahead, but we will never recommend anything unethical that could get your business in hot water or harm your performance in the long run.

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Get More Clicks with a Growing PPC Agency in Sheffield

Wildcat Digital is a growing PPC agency in Sheffield dedicated to helping start-ups and small businesses play against the big brands online through smart digital marketing. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and to see what we could do for your business.


Wildcat Digital have a varied client base of all shapes and sizes, the bottom line is that we want to provide you with value. 

Why is PPC Important?

PPC can offer much faster results for your business compared to SEO;Google has 8.5 billion searches per day – imagine how many new customers you could get if you focus on paid advertising. 

We often talk about “page real-estate”. This refers to how much of the search results page you take up for organic and paid results. If you have a #1 ranking keyword for SEO, as well as an advert in the top spot, you have a high real estate on the page and will be more likely to get that click and hopefully a new customer.

What are the Different Types of PPC?

PPC can appear in lots of different forms in search results, as well as on social media, including:

  • Paid Search (e.g. on Google)
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Display & Retargeting
  • Paid Social (e.g. In-Feed Ads)

How Long Does it Take For PPC to Work?

PPC campaigns will begin to show impressions to users as soon as they are pushed live. The ads typically go through a “learning phase” which lasts a couple of weeks, where the platform will capture data through machine learning and will then begin to optimise accordingly. At Wildcat Digital, we’ll be continuously updating, optimising and experimenting with your campaign so it performs as well as possible, as quickly as possible, within your set budget.

What is PPC vs SEO?

PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is a paid method of getting traffic to your website, rather than organic which you’d find in SEO. You pay for each click that goes through to your website. 

When compared to SEO, paid ads will actually appear above the organic search results, so even if you have number 1 ranking keywords, there may be ads appearing above this.

Does PPC Help SEO?

PPC doesn’t necessarily directly help SEO, however it can provide valuable insight that can help to plan SEO campaigns. For example, an existing PPC campaign can help to identify keywords that already have a positive impact on traffic, and those that are less effective, minimising trial and error. 

What’s more, high performing SEO and PPC can maximise your brand’s visibility at the top of search results pages, increasing the chance that searchers click on your website. But, even if they don’t click on your site this time, this visibility still puts your brand into their choice set for next time they search a similar query.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

Google Ads is always worth trying for every type of company. When you have the budget to move towards marketing, we’d recommend trying Google Ads for at least a couple of months. If similar companies to you and your competitors are advertising on Google, then it’s likely you should be too.

How Do You Appear in Google Shopping Results?

To appear in  Google Shopping results, you will need a feed that pulls the required data from your eCommerce site which would include the title of the product, description, appropriate images and other specifications like dimensions, colours, and age. This feed gets sent to Google Merchant Centre which is linked to Google Ads. Create a shopping campaign and ensure you’ve selected the correct feed, and your products will begin to show on Google for relevant search terms.

How Do You Get the Best Out of Google Ads

To get the best out of Google Ads, you need to be on top of optimisations and run experiments to learn how to improve your campaign further. Optimisations can include the best practices for the headlines and descriptions that appear on the ads, including what type of language works best for your target audience. Some other examples of how to get the most out of Google Ads include:

  • Creating specific landing pages to shorten the conversion journey to a single page
  • Experiment with and test different versions of your ads
  • Trial and error – Google will give you a breakdown of how it’s improved, or decreased performance and action can be taken accordingly

How Does Google Shopping Work?

Google Shopping works the same way as other auction bidding campaigns, except there’s a lot more available spots to appear in. Your ad will compete in an auction, and the top bids will get shown in order of most expensive to least. Don’t forget, you only pay this bid if someone clicks on your ad. Google uses machine learning, and the data from your product feed, to learn when to show ads to specific search queries. One of the main differences between Shopping & Search campaigns is that keywords are not used in Google Shopping.

How Much Should You Spend on PPC Per Month?

Google Ads has no minimum or maximum daily spend, so you could theoretically spend as much or as little you would like. When deciding a monthly budget, we’d recommend you begin with a reasonable amount that can be increased or decreased as necessary. You shouldn’t be breaking the bank in case of a negative return, but you should be willing to invest in ads to see a result. Once you begin to see a return on ad spend (ROAS), you can begin to increase the monthly budget to further increase your profits.