SEO for Small Businesses

We understand just how difficult it can be as a small business to punch above your weight online. That’s where Wildcat Digital comes in. Our expert team is here to help you grow your website and get noticed online.

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Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses

SEO is an incredibly useful tool for any business with a website. Whether you’re a small local business, an SME, or even a global giant, SEO helps your website to climb the ranks of search engines and allows  you to stand out against your competitors online.

We understand that one of the hardest parts of operating online as a small business is competing against the big players in the industry. But, SEO helps your brand to be seen on search engines amidst a sea of high-profile competitors. It can also help to boost leads and conversions once searches land on your website.

What’s more, for some small businesses, your website is your brick and mortar. If you don’t get customers on your website, you won’t make money. That’s why SEO is so crucial for success in today’s digital world.

SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. The tools and techniques that we use, as well as the types of SEO we employ will depend on your website, your goals, and the industry that you operate in. Below are just a few SEO services that we recommend for small businesses.

Technical SEO

It’s all well and good creating content about what your small business does, but you need to ensure that Google can actually crawl your website. If not, your pages won’t show up on search results. This is just one aspect of Technical SEO that is crucial for SEO success.

Technical SEO is all about effective sign-posting and ensuring that the website works efficiently.

Content SEO/On-Page SEO

The content on your website not only needs to effectively explain who you are, what you do and why you do it, but it also needs to be set up so that it can rank on search engines. Your content has to be high-quality, unique, authoritative, formatted correctly, and contribute more to the query than your competitors. It also needs to target relevant keywords that your audience is searching for.

Local SEO

As a small business, you’ll likely rely on local customers in your area. Local SEO can help you to get noticed when someone searches for a relevant keyword or query in your area. This sometimes presents your website in map listings and other map-based results. But for this to work, your Google Business Profile will need to be set up and key pages should be optimised for local keywords.

Mobile SEO

These days, most people access the internet via mobile devices quite regularly. As your website must be mobile-friendly. This should take into account the design of your website, site speed, page structure, and other factors that ensure good user experience on mobile devices.


Your Sexual Health

7 Figure Revenue Achieved Through Digital Marketing

Managing both their SEO and Google Ads campaigns, we helped Your Sexual Health reach 7 figure revenue for the first time in their history. Throughout our time working with the private testing provider, we’ve supercharged their business taking them from strength to strength.

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Thanks so much to Will, Molly & Beth from Wildcat who provide such attention to detail on their work. It's a pleasure to work with you all!

Chantelle Whitham

We’ve been working with Wildcat Digital for over 3 years and they continue to adapt and innovate on our campaign. When we thought performance might be about to peak they found another gear and we continue to hit record returns. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Paul Marks
Your Sexual Health

Wildcat recently completed the GA4 switchover process. I found them to be really knowledgeable, extremely helpful and they provided an excellent service.

Steph Masters
Wall Nuts

The whole of the Wildcat team also reflect the above. Each add their expertise in an easy to understand and very approachable way.

Majid Bani

5* service from the team at Wildcat Digital. They have been very easy to work with and have delivered great results for us.

Shyam Rajani

I've worked with the Wildcat team on optimising our SEO performance for the last few months and have only great things to say about them!

Christopher Freeman

Website traffic and sales are great! The increase in website orders, phone calls and phone orders has been really significant so I'm already convinced that you're doing an excellent job! I'm regularly hearing the term "I'm just looking on your website and…”

Nova Lecterns

We have worked with Wildcat for a few years now and the service they provide is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wildcat Digital to anyone.

Garry Turley
Hi-Point Access

We have worked with Wildcat since our day one. They have helped us so much with designing and sharping how our business looks through our website. Highly recommend!

Home Crowd Properties

Wildcat have been working on my website for a couple of months now. Already seeing good results in my website ranking after such a short time. Definitely recommend them

Joanne Taylor

Wildcat are the only team of profession SEOers I know that viewed and recommend changes for every element of HSEDocs' digital presence. Can't recommend enough.

Simon Bennet

Wildcat are a professional team who worked hard to understand our sector and goals.

Katie Bell
Katie Bell Physiotherapy

Very helpful, patient and informative. They are very proactive and diligent. Definitely recommend.

Gintaras Poskaitis

Wildcat really makes life easy with their simple yet well structured way of working. They have been the only team so far to understand what we really wanted out of our digital efforts and have upped ways to strategise around certain challenges that comes with our industry and geography.

Yashi Paswan

Wildcat have offer a professional and comprehensive service. All the team communicate fantastically well and they explain things in a way that are easy to understand. Would highly recommend.

Andy Roberts
Changing Outcomes

I highly recommend wildcat digital. They help me tremendously in the growth of my SEO.

Roan Heming
Human Hub

I have really enjoyed working with Wildcat Digital. We work with them for their SEO expertise and we have seen great results.

Michael Oszmann

This team is great. Really approachable and knowledgeable, and communication is great too.

Laura Johnson

They level with you to make the process so much easier to digest. The results speak for themselves, thank you for all your hard work.

Valor Property Maintenance

I could not recommend them highly enough. The whole team go above and beyond and have helped deliver significant value to our brand.

Paul Adams
Knutsford Vets

Thanks to the excellent team at Wildcat Digital! After around a year of working together I can say that everyone has been most helpful, knowledgeable and great to work with!

Julie Fountain
Beach Art Glass

We're still seeing excellent rankings which are delivering leads and opportunities. Jamie is competent, helpful and good to work alongside

Altitude PR

Very reactive in their response times, great communication in all aspects, friendly and welcoming team.

Masie Kearns

Wildcat Digital staff are all very friendly and professional, they work quickly to answer questions and have carried out great research into our market area.

Cherie Mobberley
The Early Teacher

Over the past 12 months Libby has massively helped imagine our paid ads account and given us a great understanding of how Google Ads actually work, and understanding how to analyse the change in metrics. Libby is great at explaining all technical aspects of Google Paid ads and also comes across as genuine and truthful when talking about realistic expectations on campaigns.

Joe Walker
Retail Sales & Administration Manager, Sheffield Window Centre

Will and the team are incredible at what they do, trustworthy and diligent. SEO and Digital support done well is hard to find.

Tom Bell

Small Business SEO Services at Wildcat Digital

If you’re interested in boosting your small business with SEO, Wildcat Digital’s team of SEO experts are here to fight in your corner and help you to punch above your weight online. Learn more about our SEO services online today, or get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation.

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How Can SEO Help Your Business?

SEO has a number of fantastic benefits for your business and, over time, can help you to achieve significant growth. These benefits include:

  • SEO improves your authority, trustworthiness and credibility. High ranking websites tend to be trusted over those that rank lower down, and usually offer more relevant content to the search query
  • SEO gives you a competitive advantage; being on the first page of search results means that your customers are more like to use your website over a lower ranking competitor
  • Local SEO tactics can help to give your business a boost in your region, especially if your mobile site is optimised – almost 80% of searches on mobile lead to conversions!
  • Good SEO has a positive impact on user experience, which can have a knock on effect on impacting conversions and repeat custom

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is the process of strategically optimising web pages and metadata with the aim of improving search engine rankings which, in turn, typically improves traffic to your website and has the potential to impact conversions. SEO experts use a number of key ranking factors, alongside best practices and innovative tricks to try to influence your website’s rankings. 

Search engine ranking factors include:

  • Does your website contain high-quality content?
  • Are pages optimised for SEO?
  • Is your website optimised for mobile devices?
  • What is the general user experience (UX) and page experience like?
  • How quickly do pages load?
  • Does your website have internal linking?
  • Does your website have external linking to reputable, informative sources?

How Long Does it Take For SEO to Work?

SEO is not a quick-fix;  it can take anywhere from 6-12 months for SEO to begin yielding results. It takes time to build up the authority of your website, and optimise your pages for SEO. However, this timeframe can depend on the niche of your business, your competitive landscape, and a number of other external factors that influence rankings.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO agencies typically work on retainer, with an initial one-off set-up fee. How much this retainer is will vary from business to business, but many, including Wildcat Digital, offer a tiered system to help suit a range of budgets. 

The retainer usually determines the number of hours per month that the agency will work on your account, and may also influence other SEO factors, such as how many keywords can be chosen for tracking.

If you’re interested in SEO services at Wildcat Digital, get in touch with us today, and we’ll arrange a call to discuss your business, your website, and your goals. If you’re still interested, we’ll then put together a tailored proposal for you to consider, including our prices. 

Is SEO Worth It?

SEO is absolutely worth it if your goal is to improve your brand’s visibility, drive traffic towards your website, and increase your conversions. However, SEO does not offer instant results and, as such, it can sometimes feel as if the process and the price is not worth it. But, with the right team behind you and a bit of time, SEO can have a huge impact on your businesses, and can even prove to be more successful than some traditional marketing efforts. 

Who Needs SEO?

SEO is for any business with a website. Whether you’re a young startup, or an experienced MNE, SEO can help your business to climb the ranks of search engines, stand out from the competition, and be noticed by your target audience. Some may see it as an unnecessary expense, but if you want to help your business punch above its weight online, and start gaining more traffic to your website, strong SEO is needed. 

At Wildcat Digital, our team of SEO experts can help whip your site into shape with Technical SEO, Content SEO, Link Building and more, helping to gain more visitors and conversions, whatever your goals are.