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Our Content Optimisation Strategy Lead to Significant Improvements to Keywords and Conversion Rates

About the Campaign

Buy Britain came to Wildcat Digital with the aim of improving their keyword rankings and overall visibility in the British/British made gifts arena; their goal was to become Britain’s biggest online marketplace for British-made products. Through extensive content optimisation and strategic user experience updates, Buy Britain saw significant improvements to keyword rankings, organic traffic and, importantly, conversions.

What we did

Product and Category Optimisations
Improvements to Navigation and Filtering
Blog Content


July 2022

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What We Did

Product & Category Page Optimisations

Most of Buy Britain’s chosen keywords were based around products and categories/collections which needed optimising in order to see improvements. For one high value keyword in particular, Wildcat optimised the landing page on an ongoing basis, updating to suit seasonality, holidays and trends, as well as focusing on user experience. This resulted in an 88% improvement to that specific keyword in 12 months.

Improvements to Navigation & Filtering

To help streamline the customer journey and improve their experience on the Buy Britain website, Wildcat implemented a navigational filter that allows customers to find what they’re looking for much easier. This resulted in an increase in conversions that peaked at 247%.

Blog Content

A key strategy for Buy Britain was to create regular, high-quality blog content with the aim of improving domain authority over time. These blogs were created with conversion optimisation as a key priority and, in under 12 months, resulted in an 856% increase in organic traffic to blog pages and a 15% increase in domain authority.

I have really enjoyed working with Wildcat Digital. We work with them for their SEO expertise and we have seen great results.

Michael Oszmann

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Buy Britain

Buy Britain is an eCommerce store that exclusively stocks British-made products from small businesses across the country. The founders of Buy Britain understand how difficult it can be to shop small in the modern world, and their online store not only makes it easier to shop small, but also fosters sustainability, supports local jobs, trades and crafts, and highlights the superior design and quality of British products.