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Content Optimisation Leads to a Peak Increase in Conversions of 247%

About the Campaign

Buy Britain approached Wildcat Digital with the aim of increasing their domain authority, traffic and, ultimately, conversions to become Britain’s biggest online marketplace for British-made products. Through extensive content optimisation and creation of new content, Wildcat Digital helped to improve the health of the Buy Britain website over the course of 12 months, increasing their DA by 15% and organic traffic by 122%.

What we did

Product and Category Optimisation/Creations
Blog Content Creation/Optimisation


July 2022

Blog Content Creation and Optimisation

Wildcat created regular blogs with the aim of increasing the site’s domain authority (the more clicks and positive interactions a site receives, the more its domain authority should improve). These blogs were focused on or around different product categories on the website, with conversion optimisation being a key priority. In under 12 months, Wildcat’s blog strategy resulted in a 856% increase in organic traffic to blog pages.

Digital Agency Sheffield Digital Agency Sheffield
Digital Agency Sheffield Digital Agency Sheffield

Product & Category Page Optimisation

The majority of Buy Britain’s focus keywords were based on categories and products, and many of the keywords related to categories needed to be optimised. Some pages also needed sub-categories to be created, including additional content and links to related products. Wildcat advised Buy Britain on which categories should be optimised and/or created, and this resulted in a large amount of keyword rankings increasing over time.


There was one particular keyword with a large search volume that needed to be optimised in order to rank well at Christmas time. The Buy Britain team advised Wildcat of this at the start of the campaign, and worked with us to create a page that would improve user experience, whilst also improving and optimising the content for keywords. This 3,600 per month volume keyword increased from position 20 in September 2021 to position 2 in December 2021, which led to an increase in organic traffic and organic sales.

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Overall organic traffic increased by 122.8%, with the majority of this traffic landing on products, categories, and the homepage, and helping to contribute to a peak increase in conversions of 247%. This is due to the increase in blog traffic helping to increase domain authority by 15%, as well as strategic keyword optimisation, and the implementation of various technical SEO tasks.

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Buy Britain

Buy Britain is an online marketplace that exclusively stocks British-made products from small businesses across the country. The founders of Buy Britain understand how difficult it can be to shop small in the modern world, and their online store not only makes it easier to shop small, but also fosters sustainability, supports local jobs, trades and crafts, and highlights the superior design and quality of British products.