Positioning DrinkWell as the Market Leader of Low-Calorie Alcohol

About the Campaign

With the recent rise in popular diets, such as the Keto diet, DrinkWell was presented with a unique opportunity to target this segment, and position themselves as the market leader of lower-calorie, lower-carb, and lower-sugar alcoholic drinks. Wildcat Digital conducted research into this market, including keywords, search terms, and common questions to craft a winning strategy. 

To ensure that the user was met with the right information and product options, Wildcat created a bank of valuable content in the form of blogs and informative landing pages that answer common questions and key search terms. In the first 12 months of the campaign, this led to a 53% increase in traffic, 8 new 1st place SERP rankings, and 13 new rankings between 2nd-5th position. This contributed to a monthly visibility score average of 1.6K.

What we did

Content SEO


Ongoing Campaign

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Content SEO

Wildcat’s  campaign with DrinkWell aimed to increase the online presence of DrinkWell for key search terms relating to their niche, in the hopes of positioning them as market leaders, and encouraging a growth in sales of lower-calorie alcohol. The campaign helped Drinkwell achieve astronomical growth as a business, becoming the number one player in their niche, as well as achieving a 53% increase in traffic, and significant improvements to SERP rankings in just 12 months. 


To do this, the Wildcat team optimised a large number of landing pages, product pages and category pages to target high-value search terms in relation to low-calorie alcohol, as well as creating a bank of blog content to answer common search queries around the topic. Not only did this help to increase traffic, but also help to cement DrinkWell as a key authority on lower-calorie, lower-cab, and lower-sugar alcohol.

Pouring white wine into wine glass


DrinkWell is an alcoholic drinks company with a difference. Their mission is to bring lower-calorie, lower-sugar alcoholic drinks to the UK market that are easily accessible online, and don’t feel like a compromise. All of DrinkWell’s offerings, including beers, wines, and spirits, meet their lower-calorie mission, whilst being just as delicious and satisfying as their regular-calorie counterparts.