Hearing Excellence Clinic

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About the Campaign

Hearing Excellence Clinic joined Wildcat Digital in July 2023 for SEO, with the aim of growing their visibility online in their local area. They had just opened up a new clinic in Barnsley (with an existing clinic in Sheffield), and wanted to rank well for local keywords, driving more traffic to the website and, ultimately, resulting in more bookings – their main KPI

In less than 12 months, Wildcat has taken the Hearing Excellence Clinic’s website from being relatively successful to being a website that more than delivers on their main KPIs. Find out  how.

What we did

- Technical SEO fixes
- Fixing tracking issues to provide more accurate metrics
- Service page optimisations
- Targeted PPC keyword improvements
- PR and outreach


Ongoing Campaign

What We Did

Technical SEO Fixes

When we started the campaign, we noticed a few technical SEO issues that were having an impact on search visibility, including indexing and crawling issues which were stopping the website from properly appearing in search results. We fixed these issues in week two of the campaign, ensuring that the website was crawlable and indexable before spending time optimising content.

Fixing Tracking Issues

At the start of our PPC campaign, we noticed some tracking issues that were causing high conversion rates, in comparison to genuine enquiries that were actually coming through. We fixed this issue early on so that the client could have more accurate insight into how effective Google Ads actually are for their campaign, with a clear benchmark to track progression.

Service Page Optimisations

To date, the largest impact we’ve seen in our SEO campaign was through targeted service page optimisations. When we took on the campaign, their homepage was ranking for a number of keywords that would better suit a dedicated service page. In just a few months, we got the relevant pages ranking for the right keywords, which are still ranking on a  12-month upwards trend.

Targeted Keyword Improvements

In our PPC campaign, we overhauled the keywords used to instead target local long-tail keywords which allowed us to effectively compete with huge competitors such as Bupa. We also implemented a phrase match strategy, which allowed us to reach a specific audience, opening up better conversion opportunities.

PR and Outreach

Once high-priority SEO tasks were completed, we began performing PR and outreach, with the aim of improving their brand awareness, building domain authority and driving traffic to the website. This resulted in gaining a few backlinks that increased referral traffic by 4200% in just one month. We also gained a valuable backlink from Forbes that helped drive traffic and generate 100 conversions over two months.

What Our Clients Think

We have worked with Wildcat for a few years now and the service they provide is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wildcat Digital to anyone.

Garry Turley
Hi-Point Access

Will and the team are incredible at what they do, trustworthy and diligent. SEO and Digital support done well is hard to find.

Tom Bell

Wildcat are a professional team who worked hard to understand our sector and goals.

Katie Bell
Katie Bell Physiotherapy

We’ve been working with Wildcat Digital for over 3 years and they continue to adapt and innovate on our campaign. When we thought performance might be about to peak they found another gear and we continue to hit record returns. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Paul Marks
Your Sexual Health

I could not recommend them highly enough. The whole team go above and beyond and have helped deliver significant value to our brand.

Paul Adams
Knutsford Vets

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