Nova Lecterns

Achieving a 100% Increase in Keyword Rankings Through Content SEO

Nova Lecterns came to Wildcat in August 2023 after a previous agency poorly handled their website migration, resulting in errors, 404 messages, a decrease in rankings and more. They effectively had to start from scratch with SEO.

Their goal with Wildcat was to regain their rankings as well as increase conversions and direct revenue through the website. In less than 12 months, we turned things around, helping them to achieve a 39% increase in revenue and increases in every tracked keyword, many of which are now ranking in the top five.

What we did

- Landing page optimisation
- Product page optimisation
- Category page optimisation and creation
- Industry research
- Blog content


Ongoing Campaign

About the Campaign

Content Optimisation

We began by optimising key landing pages for strategically chosen keywords, before moving on to category pages and product pages to further target chosen keywords. In less than 12 months, Nova Lecterns now ranks for all of their chosen tracked keywords.

New Page Creations

We then started to create new category pages to target more broad keywords such as “Branded Lecterns” and “ Lecterns for Schools”. Nova Lecterns now ranks highly for a variety of high search volume keywords, including “lecterns” with an 8.1K search volume.

Blog Content

We then moved on to creating blog content to draw in users from related topics. One such blog, Prime Ministers’ Lecterns… recently saw an increase in traffic of 1386% in response to the General Election announcement, highlighting the importance of relevant blog content.


In less than 12 months, Nova Lecterns saw the following results:

  • Organic traffic up 150% in the first nine months of the campaign vs the previous period.
  • 747% increase in users YoY.
  • 220% increase in page views YoY.
  • Increases in every tracked keyword, with many ranking in the top five.
  • Nine top three ranked keywords.
  • 22 top 10 keywords (up from 11)
  • 39% increase in revenue through the website.
  • 122% increase in leads generated through the website.
  • 54% increase in Search Visibility for tracked keywords.
  • 36% increase in organic visibility

Website traffic and sales are great! The increase in website orders, phone calls and phone orders has been really significant so I'm already convinced that you're doing an excellent job! I'm regularly hearing the term "I'm just looking on your website and…”

Nova Lecterns

Nova Lecterns

Nova Lecterns is a family-owned company founded in 1984 in the heart of England. As members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the FSB, as well as participants in the Rural Growth Network, Nova Lecterns utilises the best balance of up-to-date machining equipment with time-honoured skills based on over 60 years of experience in design and fabrication.