Sheffield Window Centre

Opening Doors to Better Search

About the Campaign

Sheffield Window Centre (SWC) joined us in January 2023 with a basic knowledge of PPC. They already had a Google Ads account but needed experts to take over and optimise their campaigns to their full potential. 

SWC told us that they relied heavily on more traditional marketing methods in the past, but wanted now to be more visible online for their services. After increasing their visibility, we’re now steadily working towards a goal of achieving 500-600 new enquiries per month across all channels.

What we did

- Overhauled their campaigns to target new customers
- Implemented a branded campaign
- Shifted towards broader campaigns
- Fixed inaccurate conversion tracking
- A/B testing to maximise conversions


Ongoing Campaign

What We Did

Targeted New Customers

Wildcat overhauled SWC’s campaigns to optimise them for new customers. Up to this point, they were bidding on only “Sheffield Window Centre”-related terms. When we took over the campaign in January 2023, 90% of conversions were branded. By February 2024, half of all conversions are now non-branded.

Branded Campaigns

Despite targeting new customers, we didn’t want to risk harming their branded terms, therefore we set up new branded campaigns to protect their branded online visibility. After 12 months of work to increase non-branded leads, around half of all conversions are still branded, indicating that the SWC brand remains strong.

Broader Campaigns

One of our main focuses with SWC was to shift towards broader campaigns, such as segmented Windows and Doors campaigns that were further refined by product type (uPVC, Bi-Folding, Casement Windows.). This strategy helped to improve impression share by 74% and total number of conversions by 86%.


In just over one year, Wildcat has overhauled SWC’s Google Ads campaigns into an award-nominated campaign. We’re proud to have been shortlisted for Best Local Campaign (PPC – Small) at the 2023 UK Search Awards off the back of positive results such as:

  • An 86.67% increase in total conversions
  • A 74% increase in total impressions
  •  A 99% increase in overall clicks
  • A 15% increase  in CTR
  • A 10% increase in search impression share 
  • A 26% increase  in search top impression share
  • Maintained high conversion rates despite the greater focus on colder audiences / non-branded leads
  • Scaled spending in line with business goals and achieving profitable results


What Our Clients Think

Over the past 12 months Libby has massively helped imagine our paid ads account and given us a great understanding of how Google Ads actually work, and understanding how to analyse the change in metrics. Libby is great at explaining all technical aspects of Google Paid ads and also comes across as genuine and truthful when talking about realistic expectations on campaigns.

Joe Walker
Retail Sales & Administration Manager, Sheffield Window Centre