Content Optimisation Results in 83% Keyword Increase in 12 Months

Thermac came to Wildcat Digital in March 2022 with the aim of building brand awareness online. Thermac traditionally did quite well with offline sales methods (i.e. phone orders), but wanted to grow online. In just 12 months, Wildcat achieved an 82% increase in organic traffic alongside a 83% increase in keyword rankings

In March 2022, Thermac ranked for 367 keywords. By March 2023, this number had climbed to 673, including 20 top 3 keywords (a 66% improvement)

What we did

Extensive Keyword Research
Site-wide Content Optimisation


Ongoing Campaign

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Person looking at Thermac website on laptop

About the Campaign

Content SEO

After initial optimisation of key pages, Wildcat found further optimisation opportunities for the Thermac site through Google Search Console. By reviewing the impressions to click ratio data, Wildcat found a number of unexplored opportunities to optimise product pages, category pages and general information pages.

In most cases, these pages were either not optimised for SEO or didn’t contain any content. Our Content Specialists chipped away at these pages each month and, in just 12 months, their efforts resulted in an 83% increase in keyword rankings. This includes a 66% increase in top 3 rankings. Additionally, these improvements helped to achieve an 82% increase in organic traffic over the same period.


Since April 2022, Wildcat’s PPC team has increased Thermac’s Ad conversions by 162%. Additionally, they managed to:

  • Decrease cost per conversion by 64%
  • Increase impressions by a huge 2766%
  • Increase clicks by 207%

This helped to significantly boost brand awareness and helped Wildcat to deliver a sustainable profit to Thermac.

Man wearing PPE breathing equipment


Thermac is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of decontamination and surface preparation equipment They provide equipment, consumables, RPE, PPE, equipment servicing and RPE face fitting to a wide range of industries and sectors. Thermac pride themselves on being industry innovators, with skills, knowledge and technical capability to develop new and bespoke solutions.