February 1, 2024

Do Search Rankings Drop On Weekends?

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, SEO rankings play a crucial role in determining the online visibility and success of websites. However, rankings are known to fluctuate and can drop from time to time. Some website owners may notice that rankings drop specifically on weekends, but why? Is this a common issue? In this article, Wildcat Digital takes a deep dive into whether or not search rankings commonly drop on weekends, and the factors that might cause it. So, let’s get started, do search rankings actually drop on weekends?

Search rankings don’t drop because it’s the weekend, but that doesn’t mean they won’t drop over the weekend. Whether or not it happens depends on a number of factors. Some of which include: 

It is, however, possible that your organic traffic will regularly drop at the weekend, but this is more likely due to people in your industry using the internet less on weekends. This is a trend that many industries notice.

Keep reading to learn more about the factors that affect rankings and what strategies you can implement to improve your rankings. 

Why Might Search Rankings Drop On Weekends? 

When rankings drop at the weekend, it’s highly unlikely that it’s because it’s the weekend. They can drop at any time of the week as Google’s algorithm is updating all the time, including the weekend. 

Taking the time to understand the factors  that impact ranking drops can help you develop strategies to mitigate it and maintain consistent performance in search engine rankings. So, let’s delve right in…

Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Search engines like Google regularly update their algorithms to improve search results and user experience. These updates can affect the ranking positions of websites, leading to fluctuations in search rankings. 

Updates don’t always happen on weekends, but it can impact ranking over the weekend. As such, it’s important to stay up-to-date about algorithm updates as they can help you understand and adapt to any changes that might impact your site’s ranking. 

Reduced Search Activity 

In some industries, weekends witness a decrease in search activity compared to weekdays. This is because people tend to engage in different activities during their leisure time. 

Consequently, websites may experience a drop in organic traffic. This may lead you to draw the conclusion that your rankings have dropped, but it’s more likely that less people are searching for keywords related to your industry over the weekend.

To learn more, take a look at our insightful article, ‘Why Has My Organic Traffic Dropped?’

There is evidence that Google uses user data to inform its algorithm, which could in theory lead to rankings of certain sites dropping over the weekend. However, in the vast majority of sites that we manage this is not the case. It’s worth bearing in mind that if this was the case,  some businesses would experience the opposite effect; they may see an increase in rankings. 

Weekend Updates & Maintenance 

Over the weekend, many websites undergo technical updates, maintenance or server changes which can temporarily affect website performance, load times and overall user experience. Because search engines consider user experience a crucial ranking factor, this could have an impact on your rankings. However, as long as these updates and maintenance are only temporary, it’s unlikely to lead to a drop in rankings and even if it does it shouldn’t have a lasting impact.

That being said, if your website has a serious problem which causes it to be inaccessible over the weekend and it isn’t repaired until Monday morning, this is more likely to have a negative impact on ranking performance.

Competitor Activity 

For most people, SEO efforts may be reduced during the weekends. However, if your competitors continue optimising their websites or publishing new content on the weekend, they may surpass your website in terms of optimisation or relevance. 

This can (but not always) lead to ranking drops. Monitoring your competitor’s activities and adjusting your SEO strategies accordingly can help you stay competitive and minimise ranking fluctuations.

What You Should Do When You Find Your SEO Ranking Suddenly Drops? 

Undertaking an analysis of the factors contributing to ranking drops allows SEO professionals to devise strategies which help prevent it. Whilst it can be discouraging to see ranking drops, think of it as an opportunity to take strategic action! 

Here are some of the steps you can take to combat search ranking drops on weekends: 

Evaluate technical aspects – First things first, take a proactive approach by thoroughly auditing your website’s technical elements, including site speed, mobile responsiveness and crawlability. In order to fix these issues, it’s best to work with an agency or developer. 

To find out more, take a look at our articles, ‘How To Audit Your Site Speed & Performance’ or  ‘What is a Technical SEO Audit & Why is it Important?’

Evaluate content strategy – Take a look at your content strategy to ensure that it aligns with the current search intent, optimising your chances of a favourable ranking. If you’re concerned about weekend drop-offs, it’s important to create content that encourages traffic to your site on a weekend. For example, a site advertising holiday homes in Sheffield may want to create a blog that targets the search term ‘family friendly activities to do in Sheffield’. 

Link-building – Engage in practical link-building activities to enhance your website’s authority. A higher domain authority commands stronger ranking potential. For more information, take a look at our insightful article, ‘What Is Link Building?’. 

Keyword review – When faced with a significant drop in rankings, it’s important to take a step back and take a look at your chosen keywords. Conduct a thorough analysis of your keywords and search rankings to identify pages that need your attention.You’ll then want to optimise these pages to be better than your competitors. In turn, this should help to create more stable ranking positions. 

Seek advice from industry experts – If you are still struggling with ranking drops, you may want to think about reaching out to industry experts or joining online communities to discuss your situation and seek advice. 

At Wildcat Digital, we use the latest and most accurate SEO tools to examine search rankings, providing our clients with thorough expert advice about how to manage their search visibility.

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At Wildcat Digital, we understand that experiencing a drop in SEO rankings is challenging; however, we encourage you to see it as an opportunity to reassess your website’s optimisation strategy. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of technical elements, content strategy and backlink profile, you can identify areas for improvement and implement necessary measures to regain lost positions. 

Remember to stay informed about Google updates and industry news, seek advice from reputable sources and remain persistent. The key to success is not giving up when rankings do not perform the way you want them to. With a well-thought-out approach, you can navigate the fluctuations of search rankings and continue to drive valuable traffic to your website. 

Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about your website’s search rankings. 

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