November 29, 2023

How Long Should Title Tags Be?

Both Google and its users use title tags to understand what a page is about. They are a key ranking factor as they indicate what’s on your page and how relevant the content is to the user’s query. Your title tags need to be the correct length for Google to understand precisely what you are displaying on your page. But, don’t fret – our experts at Wildcat Digital are here to help you with your title tag length. So, how long should title tags be? 

Title tags should be between 50 to 60 characters long. This is because Google and other search engines will only show the first 60 characters of a title tag. It’s essential to have the right length so Google can recognise what content is on your page and index it accordingly. Likewise, so that users understand what your page is about. 

Read on to learn more about title tags and the importance of their length with Wildcat Digital. 

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What Is The Maximum Length Of A Title Tag? 

The maximum length of a title tag is 60 characters. This is because Google only displays a title tag’s first 50-60 characters. You should aim to keep it within that range so Google will display your title correctly. Good title tags will encourage users to click through to your site and improve their user experience. They should clearly tell users what your content is about, and leave them feeling confident that your site fulfils their search needs. 

Can A Title Tag Be Too Short? 

Title tags can be too sh. They ideally need to contain more than 30 characters for Google to display your title tag as intended. Title tags with less than 30 characters could lead Google to use a heading on your page rather than the title tag or make up its own title tag for your page.

Not using the maximum 50-60 characters is a missed opportunity as you won’t be able to communicate the desired message of your site to both Google and users. 

Is Title Tag Length Important? 

Title tag length is extremely important for search engines and users. It tells the user and Google what is on your page and helps search engines index your website. When search engines crawl and index your site, they will look at the appearance of your title tags to learn what is on that page. 

We recommend performing a title tag review to check the length, quality, and appeal of your title tags, before optimising them to better suit both user experience and search engines. If you’re not sure how to do this, get in touch with us today; we perform regular audits of key SEO factors like title tags as part of our SEO campaigns.

Does Google Penalise For Long Title Tags? 

Google won’t penalise you for a long title tag. It may, however, shorten the title tag or rewrite it. The result of which may not be ideal and might not even make sense for your users. As you have limited characters, deciding what to feature in your title tag is important, so it is optimal for both search engines and users. 

What Does A Good Title Tag Look Like? 

A good title tag is brief, unique, includes a keyword and is between 50-60 characters long. Crucially, it should clearly define what your page is about.

By including one keyword, you are avoiding keyword stuffing, which could hurt your site’s ranking. If you have enough characters, you should feature your website’s brand name as it will make it recognisable on search engines like Google. 

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Optimise Your Title Tags With Wildcat Digital 

If you want to optimise your title tags to help with your ranking, get in touch with our experts. Every SEO campaign we work on takes a look at your title tags early on to boost the potential of your site, right from the start. 

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to see what we can do for your website. Alongside SEO, we also offer PPC, Paid Social and Web Design services for those looking to punch above their weight online. 

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