November 9, 2023

How To Get A Job In SEO

Are you interested in starting a career in SEO? It can be an exciting, fast-paced industry with much to offer, but it can be very competitive. Here at Wildcat Digital, our experts have put together this blog to guide you on the skills, qualifications and experience you need to break into the SEO industry. So, how do you get a job in SEO?

To get a job in SEO, it’s useful to have the right qualifications, skills or experience. This typically includes business, marketing, journalism or language qualifications.  Some companies may prefer experience in the marketing industry. But it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have these  – a good attitude and a desire to learn is all you really need. Research the company, their values and vision, and try to communicate how you’d excel there.

Keep reading to learn more about getting a job in SEO with Wildcat Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency. 

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How Do I Start A Career In SEO? 

SEO is an exciting industry to be a part of, but it can be hard to know where to start when looking for your first role. First, you need to know what role you want, as there are many opportunities in the SEO industry. You can focus on being an SEO Account Manager, a technical expert, or a content specialist; it depends on your skills and what you’re looking for in a career. The following steps to starting your SEO career are identifying if you want to work in an agency or as part of an in-house team.


Agencies are very fast-paced environments. You get the opportunity to work with different clients from all sectors. Agencies suit people who thrive under pressure, are adaptable and flexible. There is much room for progression within an agency; people tend to climb the ranks very quickly.


In-house roles are suitable for people who prefer a slower-paced environment. They tend to not progress as quickly, but they get the chance to really learn, develop and understand their craft.

Once you’ve decided if agency or in-house life is for you, you can then start applying for roles and tailor your CV to suit the company you want to work for. If you’re looking for a job in an SEO agency, why not browse our current vacancies and apply today? 

Is It Easy To Get A Job In SEO? 

Getting your first job in SEO can be difficult, as it’s a competitive industry. It is, however, not impossible to break into the industry of SEO. There are various roles to choose from, depending on what opportunity you are looking for. There are some easy steps to follow to make it easier to start your SEO career: 

How To Get A Job In SEO With No Experience 

If you have yet to gain formal experience in SEO, it can be challenging to get a job in SEO. But it is possible with the right attitude and transferable skills. SEO agencies value communication, creativity, and problem-solving as ideal skills a candidate should have when applying for a role. 

Attitude is a vital part of applying for an SEO job, as most agencies work with various clients; it’s essential to have a positive, can-do attitude even if you don’t find the work as attractive as other clients. This can positively impact your career and colleagues around you, making you an ideal candidate for the job. 

Need help determining if you have the right experience for a job in SEO? Browse our current vacancies to see if you have the skills we’re looking for.

Skills Needed To Work In SEO 

When working in SEO, there are some necessary skills that you need. These skills will make you more desirable when applying for an SEO role. These skills include: 

Willingness To Learn: SEO constantly changes, and there’s always room for learning. You need to be able to take on feedback and learn new ways of doing things to make your work more efficient.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be An SEO? 

When starting a career in SEO, employers sometimes ask for specific qualifications. Most agencies will prefer candidates who have bachelor’s degrees in business, marketing, journalism, languages, communications or a related field. 

However, this isn’t always the case, as some agencies will consider you if you have relevant experience in SEO or have completed courses by the Chartered Institute of Marketing or the Institute of Date & Marketing. Likewise, if you can prove you have the right skills for the job gained in another area, you might also be considered. 

Start Your Career In SEO With Wildcat Digital 

If you want to get started in your career in SEO, why not apply for one of our vacancies here at Wildcat Digital? We are an award-winning digital marketing agency and can help you kick-start your career in SEO.  

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