March 21, 2024

March Digital Marketing Digest: Latest Updates

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and March has proven to be a busy period for professionals in the field. A confirmed Google algorithm update, implementing AI in advertising, and more. This month has undoubtedly kept digital marketers on their toes! 

This update aims to highlight the key developments in digital marketing from the past month. Are you interested in staying ahead of the latest marketing trends and utilising them effectively? If so, continue reading!

March Core Google Algorithm Update 

In our digital roundup for February, we discussed an unconfirmed Google algorithm update – now, it has been officially confirmed. But what will this update entail? Will campaigns need to be adjusted? Don’t worry, we will go through it all below.

What Does The March Core Update Involve?

The March Google Core update is geared towards enhancing the quality of search results by targeting low-quality and unoriginal content. The update is scheduled to unfold over a month until it reaches full implementation. Its primary aim is to present users with more pertinent and valuable content in search results. 

Google’s overarching objective is to elevate the standard of search results by integrating signals and strategies that discern helpful content, thereby diminishing the prevalence of search-engine-first material in SERPs. The emphasis is on prioritising the needs of users over search engines.

Spam Update

In the same announcement, Google has also released new spam policies within this update. This includes:

How Can I Adapt to the Google Core Update?

As Chris Nelson from the Search Quality team at Google said: “There’s nothing new or special that creators need to do for this update as long as they’ve been making satisfying content meant for people”. 

This reinforces the focus of this core update on content that prioritises being helpful, trustworthy, and people-first. Therefore, when creating your content, prioritise these aspects over solely relying on research.

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Meta Announce Updates to Improve Engagement In Ads

In March, Meta unveiled a series of enhancements to its Advantage+ and Shopping Ads, aiming to assist brands in enhancing engagement, boosting conversions, and delivering ads tailored to individual preferences. So, what does this include?

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Making Google’s Algorithm Love AI Content

As mentioned above, the latest Google core update focuses on people-first content. Many anticipate that this means the death of AI content, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. AI doesn’t need to be perceived as the enemy; instead, employing its capabilities to your advantage is key. 

Solely relying on AI-generated tools is a big no when it comes to SEO. However, mastering the effective utilisation of AI tools can significantly improve your campaigns. So, how can you use AI for content creation?

AI For Content Creation

With how many websites have AI-generated content, there is no doubt that many will be getting hit with manual actions in the March 2024 algorithm update. Instead of relying solely on AI for creating content, how can you use its potential to enhance your work while still having an authentic, creative, and ethical approach?

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Customisable Automation Is Now Available In Google Ads With “Solutions”

Solutions is a new free tool within Google Ads that simplifies campaign management and automates tasks for advertisers. You can use it to generate performance reports, manage budgets, and optimise your advertising. So, how does this benefit advertisers?

There are several ways in which Google Ads “Solutions” can improve campaign management for advertisers. These “solutions” help to streamline campaign management by automating time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, it offers effective resources for overseeing budgets and compiling lists of negative keywords, thereby conserving time and effort.

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Tools We Found Useful This Month

As a digital marketing agency, we are always on the hunt for tools to enhance our work and streamline tasks for greater efficiency. Here are some of the tools that we found useful this month:

Siteliner – Find Duplicate Content On Your Site

Anyone working in SEO understands the detriment of duplicate content on a website. With Siteliner’s duplicate content finder, you can easily locate and rectify any instances of duplication.

Check out Siteliner here.

Semrush – SEO Writing Assistant

With the SEO writing assistant provided by Semrush, you can easily check the SEO potential and originality of your piece of content in real time. 

Check out Semrush SEO Writing Assistant here

Semrush – Volatility Sensor

Following the recent confirmation of the Google algorithm update, digital marketers utilised tools similar to this one to detect fluctuations in their campaigns. When a simultaneous decrease was observed across the board, it served as an indicator of global downturns. 

Check out Semrush Volatility Sensor here.

PageSpeed Insights

Struggling to figure out why your website is running slow? PageSpeed Insights can help you to identify what areas of your website need improvement. Additionally, this tool will help you determine what scores your website should be getting. 

Check out PageSpeed insights here.

Conductor for Chrome – Google Extension

Discover SEO insights faster, better, and smarter with Conductor for Chrome. Want to see the website’s key page information? Or the overall health of a page? With Conductor, SEO experts can accomplish all of that and more.

Check out Conductor for Chrome here.

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