January 25, 2024

Siena Russell Joins Wildcat Digital as New Client Success Coordinator

Wildcat Digital welcomes new Client Success Coordinator, Siena Russell. Siena has joined the team to improve the company’s sales turnaround time and overall customer service experience. She will be leading client relationships across the company, ensuring that our customers are happy throughout their journey with us.  With 5 years of marketing experience in a range of campaigns, including both paid and organic, Siena has already made a huge impact on the client experience at Wildcat.   

As a Client Success Coordinator, the most important part of the role is to build close relationships with clients, solving any problems that arise and ensuring that every client is satisfied with the service they are receiving. Whilst client relationships is the biggest part of this role, it also incorporates many other responsibilities. 

Here’s everything you need to know about a Client Success Coordinator: 

1. Advocate for the company

Since the Client Success Coordinator works one-on-one with customers, they have an opportunity to significantly influence your company’s customer base. Think of them as a personal cheerleader for your business. Their job is to explain to customers how the company is going to meet their specific KPIs. 

2. Onboard new customers

Onboarding clients is another priority for the Client Success Coordinator. The onboarding process should focus on features that customers need to learn based on the specific goals of their campaign. This way, clients can get up to speed as fast as possible after signing on with the company. 

3. Follow up on renewals

The Client Success Coordinator will create loyal, repeat customers rather than one-time users, which is why renewals are key for this position. Whilst most agreements are signed on a 6 month period, the real impact of our services generally begin after this timeframe. These first six months are about building a relationship with the client, outlining the long term strategy for the campaign. Keeping track of customer activity will improve customer retention rate. 

4. Be the voice of the customer 

As someone who works directly with customers, a Customer Success Coordinator will feel responsible for advocating their needs. With an in-depth understanding of the customer’s likes and dislikes discovered through surveys, reviews and referrals, the Customer Success Manager will organise, analyse and share this information with other members of the team. 

Top customer success coordinator skills:  

How does the Client Success Coordinator fit within the company? 

As the Client Success Coordinator, Siena will be working closely with the lead management team to improve sales and customer service across the company. She will be communicating with clients on a day-to-day basis and collaborating with account managers to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed in a timely manner. As part of improving the customer experience with Wildcat Digital, Siena has been working on the following:

With aspiring growth plans of working with 250 of the most ambitious businesses in the UK, we need to develop our sales skills, processes and practices. Siena’s role as Client Success Coordinator will form a large part of making this a reality. The team at Wildcat are thrilled to welcome Siena and are looking forward to working with her to make Wildcat Digital the best digital marketing agency in the UK. 

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