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Paid Social Knowledge Base

At Wildcat Digital, transparency is important to us. We also understand the importance of providing answers and educating customers. This is why experienced Paid Social Execs have spent time answering real questions we’ve received over the years from genuine clients and prospects.

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Is Paid Social Media Worth It?

Paid social can reach audiences that traditional PPC methods can’t. You’ll be grabbing people’s attention when they are least expecting it. With eye-catching and well planned campaigns, you’ll find that your traffic and conversions are increasing.

If someone has gone to your website, begun a purchase and abandoned the cart at the checkout, you can begin to target these specific users with personalised ads and remind them to complete their purchase.

What is Paid Social Good For?

Paid social can be great for a huge amount of marketing objectives. During the campaign setup, you can set different goals which will optimise in your favour. For example, if you want to gain more relevant followers to your page and organic growth is slow, you could create a brand awareness campaign to boost engagement. Other objectives could be to drive traffic to your website or sales. The possibilities are endless with paid social.

What is Paid Social?

Paid social is advertising on social media. Although similar to Google Ads with an auction-type bidding system, these ads will appear the entire social media platform. This can be within the actual newsfeed, in the sidebar, during videos and even in the inbox of users.

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