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At Wildcat Digital we know how hard it can be to compete with the big players in your industry, and that it’s even harder for vets, which is why SEO is so important for getting your clinic out there online. Our team of SEO experts will help you to grow your website with tailored SEO services that improves search rankings, boosts your brand’s online visibility and gains new clients.

Why SEO is Important for Vets & How it Can Impact Your Site’s Performance

When you’re competing against well known veterinary chains, SEO is an incredibly valuable tool that can help to make your brand seen amidst a sea of high-profile competitors. 

SEO can help to boost your search rankings, increase your overall online presence, and help you to gain new clients, as well as improve user experience which can go a long way in retaining existing clients. 

Even if you think that you have minimal time and resources to put into SEO, there are a whole host of SEO factors that can be implemented throughout your site to help boost your online presence with a small budget. In fact, we find that it’s particularly beneficial for smaller businesses operating in high-competition niches – we know how hard it can be to go up against the big players! A truly great SEO strategy, however, will help your business to punch above its weight online and gain the recognition it deserves. Just have a little patience.

Put your best paw forward with a top SEO agency.

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Our SEO Services for Vets

There are various different SEO services that can be used to help boost a website, but not all are relevant to each and every industry. Below are the SEO services that we recommend for vets.

Local SEO

As a vet, you’re likely targeting clients in your local area, therefore local SEO is crucial to your success. If your clinic is in Manchester, an influx of traffic from London or even further afield might look impressive but won’t really impact your bottom line. Local SEO ensures that you get traffic from the right places.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO and content is crucial for targeting the search terms and keywords that you want to rank for. Content must be high-quality, be formatted correctly, and be better than your competitors in order to rank highly. This is where our team of Content Specialists can help.

Mobile SEO

Most people use mobile devices these days, therefore it’s important that your website is optimised to work well on mobile devices, especially if you take bookings online. This takes into consideration website design, structure, page speed and more  to ensure a good user experience.


Knutsford Vets

Positioning a Local Vet as the Top Independent Surgery in the Region

With the recent decline in independent veterinary surgeries, Knutsford Vets were presented with the challenge of competing against the ever-growing rise of large-scale veterinary groups and well-known chains, and reached out to Wildcat Digital for help improving presence. 

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I could not recommend them highly enough. The whole team go above and beyond and have helped deliver significant value to our brand.

Paul Adams
Knutsford Vets

Who We Can Help

At Wildcat Digital, we tailor our SEO services to each and every business, considering the industry you operate in and your individual goals.

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Veterinary SEO Services at Wildcat Digital

If you’re interested in boosting your website with SEO, enlist specialist help from our experienced team at Wildcat Digital. We’re here to grow your online presence and help you to punch above your weight online, whatever your SEO goals. Learn more about our vet SEO services in our detailed blog, How to Do SEO for Vetsor get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation.

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