February 2, 2024

How Do I Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an exciting and fast-paced career choice, but how do you get started? In this blog, we’ll look at the essential skills you’ll need to demonstrate, and how to steadily progress on your digital marketing career path. So, how do you get into digital marketing?

Having existing digital skills and creative thinking are a great advantage for starting a career in digital marketing. Whether that is previous agency experience, relevant qualifications, such as a degree, or transferable skills. These are not always essential but definitely help. 

A common misconception is that it is essential to have a degree or be a fluent developer to be successful. But, a basic understanding is a good start, and you can learn as you go along. Read on to gain valuable insight into how to find the right digital marketing job.

What Does a Career in Digital Marketing Look Like? 

A career in digital marketing is a diverse and constantly evolving role; it certainly keeps you on your toes. If you are just starting out, it’s best to pick one area that you are interested in (E.g. SEO, PPC, Content, or Social Media), and learn at a comfortable pace. Ask lots of questions and learn from those around you; they have the knowledge you are looking for!

Understanding What Digital Marketing Is

Digital marketing is using different digital channels to build online visibility. It can help a business build a brand and a reputation, as well as give them more of an advantage against competitors. This can be through a website and SEO, Social Media channels, email campaigns and PPC advertising campaigns. Digital marketing can also complement other offline forms of marketing, creating an omni-channel presence. 

How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing

You don’t necessarily need to have previous experience in a digital role to get a digital marketing job. You can apply for entry-level junior roles or even apprenticeships; many digital agencies will provide you with the training and guidance you need to progress and build a digital marketing career.

There are also many reputable online courses and articles that can help you learn and understand the basics of digital marketing – we like Hubspot and SEMRush courses! Of course, some people do a degree in a related subject, which is an obvious advantage, but not always essential.

Often, digital marketing companies hire graduates straight out of university or college to fill junior-level roles. Not all of these graduates come from digital/marketing-related backgrounds but can demonstrate that they have the transferrable skills needed to succeed in digital marketing. So, don’t fret if your background isn’t quite “right”. Sometimes, all you need is the right skills and a winning attitude. 

Research the company to get a good understanding of what they value. Be sure that this aligns with what you are looking for before you apply.

Essential Skills for a Career in Digital Marketing

To be successful in digital marketing there are some skills that are essential to have under your belt.


SEO is a vital element of the digital marketing tool kit. Having skills in SEO can go a long way to success in digital marketing. You don’t have to be fully fluent in code to be good at SEO but a flair for creative thinking and writing can help with the content side of SEO. 

Meanwhile, strategic thinking can be beneficial to the more technical side. You can learn SEO from scratch without prior experience. Plenty of SEO jobs will provide training and support from other members of the team. You just need to have the right attitude for learning and development.

Learn more about the skills needed to succeed in SEO in our dedicated blog, How To Get A Job In SEO.


PPC (or pay-per-click) is a paid search method of digital marketing. Many companies use this to target their audience to try and gain more traffic and generate conversions quickly. Learning PPC involves creating strategic campaigns, and requires an analytical mind, and an understanding of client budgets and the best use of this. Getting a job in PPC can be competitive, so look for jobs most suitable to your experience or that stipulate clear expectations.

Learn more on how to get a job in PPC in our recent blog on the subject.

Qualifications Required to Work in Digital Marketing

As mentioned before, there are no set qualifications that you must have to work in digital marketing. To show prospective employers that you are the best candidate, try and keep on top of the latest industry trends and changes. Learn the basics so you can begin your career with a foundation of knowledge. Demonstrate any transferable skills that can lend themselves to the role.

That being said, there are some employers that do prefer applicants to have a relevant qualification. This could be a degree or similar qualification in marketing, English subjects, languages or business. But don’t let this stop you from applying! This may just be a way for the employer being able to sift through the applications they receive to choose the most relevant candidates. If you can demonstrate suitable skills or experience, your qualifications may not matter.

Progressing in Your Digital Marketing Career

If you are looking to progress within your position, be sure to select an agency that openly displays that they value growth and development. Being valued and rewarded for your hard work through acknowledging your skills is important. As you develop in your role you should consider: 

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