February 8, 2024

How To Get A Job in SEO With No Experience

Many people believe previous experience is necessary for a career in SEO, but that’s not always true. You can enter SEO without experience; all you need is  to show that you have a good attitude and the right mindset to learn. So, how do you land a job in SEO with no experience?

In order to get a job in SEO with no experience, you must show diligence, confidence and a willingness to learn. If you lack experience, it would be beneficial to also take some of your time to gain and understand basic knowledge of SEO.

To find out how to get a job in SEO without experience, whether or not SEO jobs are in demand, and what the basics of SEO are – continue reading. 

Can I Get An SEO Job Without Experience?

In short, yes you can get a job in SEO without previous experience. SEO is commonly thought to require extensive marketing experience or even a degree, but this isn’t always the case. For instance, according to Search Engine Land, the majority of SEO jobs (64%) do not require a degree. 

By demonstrating diligence, a positive mindset, and a readiness to learn and adjust accordingly, you’re on the right track. Nonetheless, there are several essential steps you must take, particularly if you lack experience, to get ahead in SEO. These steps include:

Learn The Basics of SEO

While obtaining a job in SEO doesn’t always require prior experience in a professional marketing environment, it is crucial to independently learn the fundamental principles of SEO. You can do this by watching YouTube videos, reading articles, or reading marketing books. Demonstrating that you have dedicated some of your personal time to improve your skills and knowledge will be advantageous during interviews.

Familiarise Yourself With Google’s Algorithm

This connects back to the initial point of understanding SEO basics. Nevertheless, delving into the intricacies of Google’s algorithm is an entirely distinct task in itself. It may seem daunting, but mastering the basics is certainly achievable. When you understand how Google’s algorithm works and why it’s constantly changing, you can improve your own client campaigns.

Google’s algorithm is an elaborate system that is used to decide how certain websites will rank in the search results. Your best bet to learn about Google’s algorithm is to check out articles from reputable websites, such as Semrush or Search Engine Journal.

Keep Up To Date With Relevant Trends In Digital Marketing 

In the contemporary digital landscape, staying ahead of the latest digital marketing trends has become more accessible. LinkedIn, for example, serves as an online community where both new and experienced SEO experts actively exchange thoughts, opinions, and the latest news in the world of SEO. Thus, by maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile and connecting with relevant pages and people, you can acquire a wealth of SEO knowledge in a short period of time.

Ensure Your Technical Skills Are Up To Date

In the competitive world of SEO, keeping your technical skills current is vital, especially for beginners. Start by learning tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and explore beginner-friendly coding resources for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics. Updating your technical skills regularly will help you stand out to employers

Evidence Of A Strong Personal Online Profile

Your online profile greatly influences the recruitment process. Ensure your profile is clear, concise, and tailored to the job you’re looking for, sparing recruiters the need to hunt for relevant information. A well-maintained, accurate, and informative profile showcasing your education and background is essential for standing out in a competitive field like digital marketing. Recruiters are frequently drawn to candidates who demonstrate effective online presence, such as having an updated and polished LinkedIn profile. According to a recent study, 70% of employers utilise social media to evaluate candidates during recruitment. Hence, what you share online can profoundly influence your employment opportunities.

Is It Hard To Get Into SEO?

While demanding, securing a job in SEO is certainly attainable. Experience is not always necessary in the field of SEO, however getting ahead helps significantly.  By getting to grips with SEO fundamentals, enhancing your existing skills, creating a portfolio of your relevant work, and actively searching for job opportunities, you will enhance your likelihood of securing a position in the SEO industry.

Additionally, certain qualifications will put you ahead of other candidates. To find out more, check out our blog on what qualifications you need to get a job in SEO.

How Can I Start My Career As An SEO Specialist?

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with a digital marketing agency that offers SEO services. You stand a better chance of landing a job in SEO if you reach out to them and keep up with the latest job openings. However, before you become an experienced SEO Specialist you must know the basics, as mentioned above. See the list below on ways to enhance your skills: 

  1. Take a course and get certified
  2. Understand how search engines crawl and index content.
  3. Explore SEO tools and extensions that work for you.
  4. Research individuals in your field. You can do this by connecting with others on LinkedIn/following their pages.
  5. Understand SEO strategies and why they are important. 

How Long Does It Take To Become Good At SEO?

To become somewhat confident in SEO practices, it usually takes up to a year. However, the timeframe for becoming ‘good’ in SEO varies for each person. The actual duration to achieve expertise is challenging to pinpoint because the field is constantly evolving. Even those with extensive experience continue to learn and adapt to the ever-changing world of SEO.

At Wildcat Digital, for example, when you engage with clients early on, your grasp of SEO will grow since you’re learning on the go. This dynamic comes from your clients trusting you with their SEO success, which encourages you to excel in the required areas. While many account managers merely oversee accounts without delving into client content, Wildcat Digital ensures that our account managers are actively involved in hands-on tasks

What Does A Job In SEO Look Like?

While the daily routine of an SEO Specialist will vary, certain responsibilities remain consistent. One recurring task involves daily assessment of clients’ websites to identify and address any issues. You will also engage in client meetings to review reports and plan future strategies regularly to keep communication consistent. 

Following this, strategising and prioritising tasks are essential. These tasks may includes on-page product optimisations, blog creation, technical audits, and more. Flexibility is crucial as you may encounter challenging inquiries that require quick thinking. That is why being able to work independently and in a fast-paced environment is essential.

Flexibility is crucial as you may encounter challenging inquiries that require quick thinking. Ultimately, maintaining client satisfaction is essential for a successful career in SEO.

What Are Entry Level SEO Tasks?

When you are successful in gaining a job in SEO, there are several entry level tasks you will have to complete. These include:

  1. Keyword research: In the words of Hubspot, ‘keyword research is the process of finding and analysing search terms that people enter into search engines to use that data for a specific purpose’. 
  2. Competitor analysis: This is the process of researching your competitors’ content and backlink strategy so that you can improve your own.
  3. Content optimisation: This is the process of making sure that content is written in a way that will reach the greatest audience possible and be of high quality.
  4. Site audits: An SEO audit evaluates how well your website is optimised for search engines.

Are SEO Jobs in Demand?

Yes, SEO jobs are in demand. SEO jobs are in high demand according to LinkedIn’s 2022 emerging jobs report. The report named ‘SEO Specialist’ as one of the top 10 emerging jobs, with over 860,000 openings globally.

SEO Jobs at Wildcat Digital

At Wildcat Digital, we value candidates who may not have a lot of experience but demonstrate a strong eagerness to learn and possess the right attitude. If you’re looking for a job in SEO, check out our career page for updates on future positions. Alternatively get in touch here, and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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