August 4, 2023

How Does the SEO Content Process Work?

If you’re considering hiring an SEO agency to work on your website content, but aren’t quite sure what you’re getting yourself into, this blog is for you. Our experienced Copywriters take you through the SEO content marketing process, including how the content process works, how it fits into your campaign with us, the approval process and more.

So, how does the SEO content process work? The SEO content process starts with keyword research, mapping and strategy before a clear roadmap is created. 

Read on to learn more about the SEO content writing process at Wildcat Digital

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How Does the SEO Content Writing Process Work with an Agency?

All agencies are different and have different processes for client work. But, this is how we do things at Wildcat Digital when creating SEO content.

With regards to individual pieces of content, you can expect the following process:

Who Creates the Content?

When it comes to creating the content, you have two options with Wildcat Digital. We can handle the content creation process from start to finish, or we can provide you with SEO advice and tailored structures for you to write the content yourself. We would then fully optimise it for SEO. 

We Write Your Content

Most commonly, our experienced Account Managers and Copywriters will be the ones writing your content. This starts with strategic keyword research. From here, we create an appropriate structure for the type of content being created, conduct thorough research into the given topic and create value-driven content that suits your tone, brand and ultimate goals. 

You Write Your Content

Alternatively, you have the option to create your own content. On the surface, this may seem strange but we’ve found that a number of our clients prefer to write their own content for multiple reasons:

Do You Need to Do Anything?

Creating content is a two-way street. In most cases, Wildcat’s content team will do all the heavy lifting, but we might need a few things on your end:

How Does the Approval Process Work?

The approval process will work slightly differently for all clients. However, it generally follows a similar process to the below:

Who Uploads and Publishes the Content?

Typically, your Account Manager or another SEO Executive working on your account will upload the content once it has been approved. 

However, you are welcome to upload the content yourself if you prefer. We have a number of clients that do this for a variety of reasons:

What Happens Next?

Once everything is uploaded and sitting pretty on your website, we’ll keep an eye on things to make sure everything is as it’s supposed to be. We’ll also track the performance of your content to help you see the return on your investment with us.

Throughout your campaign with us, we might revisit previously published content to see if a few tweaks here and there could help it to perform better. We’ll also be sure to revisit published content to build a good internal linking structure to help improve the SEO of your website.

Content SEO at Wildcat Digital

In this blog, we took you through the content writing process at Wildcat Digital to help you understand what you’d be getting if you joined us. If you’re still unsure or have more questions, why not take a look at our Knowledge Base hub where we answer a wide range of real client questions? Alternatively, get in touch with us today for a free 30 minute consultation.

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