March 4, 2024

Maximise Your Results: How To Get More Value From Your SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency can be a scary (and sometimes expensive!) decision for any business owner. You must be able to get a return on your investment, otherwise it is cash down the drain! But, what most business owners don’t realise is that it is a two-way partnership – an SEO agency can’t (and won’t) achieve amazing results without your help. So, how can you get more value from your SEO agency? 

Read on for top tips on communicating with your SEO agency, what we need from you throughout a campaign, as well as how you can contribute to the campaign to speed up the pace of results.

7 Tips To Get More Out Of Your SEO Agency

Here are 7 tips to help you get more out of your time with an SEO agency:

1. Choose the Right One!

The most important tip we’ll give you is this – choose the right SEO agency to begin with, and you will get a lot out of your SEO campaign. Choosing the wrong SEO agency isn’t just a waste of your time, but it can be a complete waste of your marketing spend. 

Do your homework before signing an agreement. At a minimum, you should ensure that the agency has:: 

For expert tips and advice on how to choose the right digital marketing partner, read this helpful blog: How To Choose the Right SEO Agency

2. Make Your KPIs Clear 

If you’ve worked in digital marketing before, you’ll understand the importance of clear aims and objectives to work towards. Not only is it important to have KPIs in place, but you must share them with your SEO agency to ensure our focuses are aligned with yours.

Before you come on board with an agency, have a good idea of what your main KPIs and success metrics are. Make these clear to your account manager from the get-go. If you don’t, as an example, we might focus on increasing traffic to key category pages, whilst you may want us to direct traffic to location landing pages. 

KPIs for your SEO campaign might include:

3. Think Of Us Like a Partner

Treat your SEO agency as an extension of your in-house marketing team. Whilst we won’t be able to help in all aspects of marketing or business growth, we’ll align our campaign to your strategy, which will boost results tenfold. 

What’s more, our team members come from all sorts of backgrounds, with specialities in different sectors and areas of marketing. By being open about your long-term goals, we may be able to offer strategic advice outside of SEO.

To help us help you, share your:

4. Offer Clear, Constructive Feedback

Effective communication is a vital part of getting the most out of your SEO agency, and feedback plays a big part in that. When providing feedback to your SEO agency, be as specific and clear as possible. Instead of vague statements like “I’m not seeing the results I expected,” provide detailed insights into the aspects of the SEO strategy that you’re concerned about. 

For example, you could mention that sales in a certain area are not performing as well as you expected, and that helps the agency refocus and realign its strategy to help combat the dip in performance.

5. Respond Promptly

Responding to your account manager quickly helps to get content reviewed, approved, and uploaded on time, which keeps the campaign moving forward. Technical fixes, which may require external input, can also have a big impact on rankings, so the quicker that can be passed on and picked up by your team/developer, the quicker you’ll see results.

Whilst PR isn’t often included within smaller SEO budgets, your dedicated account manager will be more likely to share interesting opportunities with you if they know that you can respond promptly. 

For example, we recently spotted an opportunity for our client, Hearing Excellence Clinic, to be featured in a Forbes article. Because the client responded within a few hours, we landed them a high-quality backlink!

6. Share Your Knowledge

Whilst we’ll conduct extensive research before writing any sort of content on behalf of your business, we aren’t immersed in your industry, nor do we have extensive training in your area of expertise. 

Sharing ‘golden nuggets’ of information helps your results reach that next level. Is there an exciting development in your industry? A new trend? A change in laws and legislation? Tell us! You never know, this might just help us get ahead of the curve on a new hot topic, securing you a 1st position for a search term we wouldn’t have known about without your help!

To learn more about where your input can benefit a marketing campaign, read this helpful blog: Why Does an SEO Agency Need My Input?

7. Contribute To Content Writing

Whilst we understand many of you hire a digital marketing agency because you don’t have time to write content or optimise content yourself, the more hands on deck when creating content, generally the quicker the campaign can progress.

For example, if you have a smaller budget, we may only have time to optimise two landing pages and write one blog per month. Whilst this will improve your online visibility, if your team has time to write an additional blog or two per month, this will help your website rank for a wider range of keywords in a shorter amount of time. 

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to write content either – our team can advise on structure, and optimise the completed written content for keywords, internal & external links, and any other SEO elements. 

You could also refer to one of the helpful resources on our website if you’re planning to write some blogs yourself: How Do You Optimise a Blog for SEO? Or, learn more about how the content process works with an SEO agency.

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