February 26, 2024

What Does a PPC Agency Do With the Money We Pay Them?

PPC (Pay-per-click) is a big part of what we do here at Wildcat Digital. PPC is unique as it allows businesses to punch well above their weight by driving directly for conversions and generating potential returns as soon as we launch the first campaign. 

We understand that you need to know where your investment is going and what we’re doing with your money, which is why our Senior PPC Executive, Braden, has put together this handy guide on what we, as a PPC agency, do with the money that clients pay us.

The money that PPC agencies charge covers two key areas: ad spend and agency fees. Ad spend is the money that fuels your advertising. When someone clicks on your ad, this is the money that pays for that. Agency fees, on the other hand, is what you pay an agency to run your campaign. 

Read on to learn more about how our PPC services work at Wildcat Digital.

How Does a PPC Agency Use Clients’ Money?

The money that you pay us to set up and run your PPC campaigns are used in two main ways:

Ad Spend Vs Agency Fees

PPC stands for Pay Per Click – that money per click has to come from somewhere. When you join us as a client, you tell us how much you’re willing to budget for these clicks. That being said, we would strongly advise against anything below £500 per month as this is the minimum needed for an efficient campaign.

Agency fees cover our costs as an agency; it’s what you pay us to do the work. Consider it as labour costs. This money pays your Account Manager’s salary, pays for our office, equipment, tools used to work on your account and more.

Below we go into more detail about the various aspects of ad spend and agency feeds to help you understand where your money is going.

Campaign Planning & Building

When creating any PPC campaign, it is crucial to create a formulated and structured planning document so that we can provide visibility of all of the keywords and ad copy that we intend to use, to which both we and the client can refer back to at any point throughout the campaigns lifespan.

Once the campaign plan has been completed and approved by you, we will then proceed with the build of the campaign in your PPC account. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is another important piece to the PPC puzzle. Keywords allow us to target certain ads to specific individuals who are the target audience for the campaign itself. This helps drive towards generating better quality conversions and leads for your business. 

There are multiple different keyword match types that we can make use of (Exact, Phrase & Broad). Each of these keyword types provide us with a different targeting option in order to drive for the best results. 

Exact Match – When a user searches the exact term of a keyword we’re targeting, the ad we’ve created will appear.

Broad Match – When a user searches a term that vaguely matches the keywords that we have set, the ads will then appear.

Phrase Match – This match type is the best of both worlds and is the main keyword type that we focus on.

Industry Research

Industry and competitor research is another important aspect of the PPC scope. We need to identify any potential areas where we can differentiate from a business who is in the same industry. One key part of this is looking into specific ad copy that your competitors are using. This helps us to see if we can gain any knowledge or information on how they have structured certain headlines or descriptions and identify if your campaign can help benefit from this.

Monthly Reporting

At the start of every month, we create and send out our PPC report. These reports contain all of the relevant information and data on how your campaigns are performing as well as outlining all of the progress that has been made with your account throughout the last month. We also include our future plans for your account and how these adjustments can help improve your campaign even further.

Campaign Optimisations

As your campaign progresses, it is key that we stay on top of the overall optimisations. Two of the main optimisations that we usually focus on are associated with keywords and search terms. 

When going through the keywords in your account, we go through them  to ensure that the volume of these is upheld to the best standard possible. If there are any keywords that do fall, these are then replaced with a similar keyword that holds a higher volume which we feel could still be very effective.

The other key optimisation we focus on is search terms. This is a process of going through all of the terms your ads have appeared for and removing any searches that are irrelevant to your business.

PPC at Wildcat Digital

PPC and Google Ads is the quickest way to generate traffic for your website. Wildcat Digital is an award-winning Google Ads agency that offers affordable PPC services, building campaigns in a smart and sustainable way that drives the right traffic to your website.

Whether you’re a small business looking to find new avenues for growth, or you’re a well established company looking to increase revenue, Wildcat Digital can help you get the results you need with tailored PPC services.

Speak to one of our experts for a free consultation and audit of your existing PPC accounts, or even a campaign plan if you haven’t tried online advertising before.

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